Welcome Healthcare Providers

With steady payer consolidation undermining your negotiating power, PHCS Savility is the only independent PPO network that can give you the right balance of single-payer administrative ease and multi-payer revenue diversity.

Our unique operating and service platform enables PHCS Savility to serve as a virtual payer, combining the administrative benefits you enjoy from market dominant payers with the breadth of revenue sources that, until now, could only come from a burdensome patchwork of separate administrative practices. You get a single-payer model without the single-payer dependencies.

PHCS Savility clients must adhere to strict contractual obligations which ensure you also benefit from enhanced steerage, as well as reimbursement in as few as 10 calendar days.

And, beginning mid-2009 you can also benefit from consolidated remittance -- a single payment and remittance advice for all PHCS Savility claims due from all clients. If you arrange to accept this payment electronically, you further benefit from access to our self-service portal offering eligibility, claim status and other information on demand.

If you practice medicine in a PHCS Savility market, let our virtual payer network help you maintain the multi-payer revenue diversity you enjoy, without the multi-payer administrative hassles. Use the links at left to learn more.